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WV Writers Important Documents

This is where members can find important 
documents related to WV Writers.  These may be printed or downloaded as needed.

WV Writers Brochure 2014 / 2015 *

WV Writers Membership Application 

WV Writers Constitution

JUG Awards Master List (UPDATED 2012)

If printing the Brochure, Membership Application or Writing Competition Entry Form for distribution, it is standard procedure to
print them on eye-catching colored paper. 

*  PLEASE NOTE: One of the major changes to the WV Writers Membership Application in both the on-line application form and the 2006/2007 Brochure is the addition of a Referred By blank.  Members of WV Writers who wish to print out the application form or brochure and distribute them to local libraries and other community locations may write their own name in the Referred By blank.  If a new person joins WV Writers using one of those distributed applications, the member indicated in the Referred By blank will receive a $5 credit toward the cost of the Annual Conference

There is no limit to the number of $5 credits a member can receive for referred new members.