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Three proposed books seek submissions

Seeking Submissions from U.S. Writers for 3 Proposed Books

1. Women & Poetry: Tips on Writing, Publishing and Teaching from American Women Poets

Foreword by Robin Merrill, Maine Poets Society President 2006-2007. M.F.A. Stonecoast. With hundreds of poems published, some from her chapbook Laundry & Stories (Moon Pie Press) were featured on Garrison Keillor's "Writers' Almanac."

Afterword by the editors of Iris Magazine, an award-winning publication of 27 years celebrating and empowering young women through provocative articles, essays, and fiction pieces that are uplifting, inclusive, and literate.

Markets for women, why women write, time management, using life experience, women's magazines, critique groups, networking, blogs, unique issues women must overcome, lesbian and bisexual writing, formal education, queries and proposals, conference participation, family scheduling, feminist writing, self-publishing, teaching tips, are just a few areas women poets are interested.

Practical, concise, how-to articles with bullets/headings have proven the most helpful. Please avoid writing about "me" and concentrate on what will most help the reader.

2.Milestones for American Women: Our Defining Passages

Foreword by Carolyn Lesser, Webster University, St. Louis, MO, nonfiction writing faculty; natural science children's books published by Harcourt, Alfred A. Knopf; essayist, poet, photographer, keynote speaker, artist.

Afterword by Dr. Loriene Roy, 2007-2008 President of the American Library Association. Professor, University of Texas at Austin, founder of "If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything," a national reading club for Native American children.

Please consider sharing the important milestones, life changing events, transitions in your life--material that would broadly fit the "Women's Studies" genre that is highly readable, moving and relatable. There are the passages that occur to us (for example, losing a loved one, having to relocate) and then the passages we choose (such as getting a degree in mid-life, adopting a child). Please focus on those pivotal moments and why they were milestones for you.

This book celebrates our passages as women, from one moment into another, from one door to the next. Often it is after the navigation, that in reflection, we see that some of the most difficult are the ones we have learned the most and have had lasting effects as well on those around us.

Guidelines for Women and Poetry
and/or Milestones for American Women:

Word total for 1-3 articles based on your experience: 1,900 minimum; maximum 2,300. Two articles minimum preferred.

If you are submitting 2-3 articles, please break them up fairly evenly in word count to reach the 1,900-2,300 range.

Please submit all contributions at one time.

No previously published or simultaneously submitted material. Books such as this can typically take up to a year to compile. Contributors receive a complimentary copy and contributor's discount on additional copies.

Please first send topics before writing to avoid duplication, and a 65-70 word bio with your present position, location, relevant publications, career highlights for the contributor page; please use POETS or MILESTONES as the subject line to

Once your topics have been approved, deadline for e-mailing articles is February 28, 2008. Again, please use POETS or MILESTONES in the subject line to either Cynthia at; or Carol at in a Word document (.doc format only) using 12-point Times New Roman font.

Co-editor Cynthia Brackett-Vincent is publisher/editor of the esteemed Aurorean poetry journal; poetry instructor; award-winning poet; author of The 95 Poems chapbook (2005) and contributor to Educators as Writers: Publishing for Personal and Professional Development. In 2007, her poems received a citation, honorable mention and second place in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, New England Writers and Maine Poets Society competitions. View Cynthia's background

Co-editor, Carol Smallwood has written, co-authored, and edited 18 books such as Michigan Authors, for Scarecrow, Libraries Unlimited. An award-winning writer, her work has appeared in English Journal, Clackamas Literary Review, Phoebe, The Writer's Chronicle, and several others including anthologies; Who's Who in America, Who's Who of American Women. A chapbook is forthcoming from Pudding House. Her recent book

3. Women Writing on Family: Writing, Publishing, and Teaching Tips by U.S. Women Writers

Foreword: Robbi Hess, Journalist, co-author, Complete Idiot's Guide to 30,000 Baby Names (Penguin Books); Editor, Byline Magazine

Afterword: Suzanne Bunkers, Professor of English, Minnesota State University, editor of Diaries of Girls and Women: a Midwestern American Sampler (University of Wisconsin Press).

This is a book not just on writing but tips for women writing about family. Possible subject areas you might address include: Markets; why women write about family; using life experience; critique groups; networking; blogs; unique issues women must overcome; formal education; queries and proposals; conference participation; family scheduling; self-publishing; teaching tips; family in creative nonfiction, poetry, short stories, novels.

Guidelines for Women Writing on Family:

Practical, concise, how-to articles with bullets/headings have proven the most helpful to readers. Please avoid writing about "me" and concentrate on what will help the reader. Word total for two or three articles based on your experience, 1,900 words minimum; maximum 2,300. One article may be 1,000 words, another 900 (or three 634 word articles) to reach the required 1,900 words. Minimum, two articles. Please submit all contributions at one time.

Deadline: January 30, 2008

No previously published or simultaneously submitted material, please.
Please submit all contributions at one time.

Contributors receive a complimentary copy and contributor's discount on additional copies. It is common for compilation of an anthology to take upwards of a year, but we will be in touch with updates on securing a publisher.

Please send your topics first before writing (to avoid possible duplication) along with brief descriptions; a 65-70 word bio with your present position, relevant publications, awards or honors. Use FAMILY for the subject line and submit to Rachael at

Co-Editor Rachael Hanel is a freelance writer and college instructor in Madison Lake, MN. The first chapter of her memoir was named runner-up for the 2006 Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction at the Bellingham Review and appears in the Spring 2007 issue. The chapter was also a semifinalist for the 2006 Gulf Coast Creative Nonfiction Award. She teaches personal essay and editing. Her website is

Co-Editor Carol Smallwood has written, co-authored, and edited 18 books such as Michigan Authors, for Scarecrow, Libraries Unlimited. Her work has appeared in English Journal, Clackamas Literary Review, Phoebe, The Writer's Chronicle, The Detroit News, several others including anthologies; she's in Who's Who of American Women. A co-edited anthology is with an agent. A recent book is

*For All Three Calls: In our experience, most publishers return rights to individual contributors variously after publication. However, because we am still seeking a publisher, we cannot speak to those rights specifically at this time. Contributors will be asked to sign a release form from the publisher and therefore will be have the opportunity to agree to the details of the contract or withdraw one's work at that time.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

WV Writers Roundtable End of Year (Beginning of New Year) Marathon Writing Event

Seasons’ Greetings

2008 is moments away and if you are a member of the WV Writers Roundtable, YOU are invited to participate in another Marathon Writing Event, hosted/Sponsored by Tovli and Yosif Simiryan.

When? Beginning Saturday, December 29, 2007 at 6pm and ending Tuesday, January 1, 2008 at 6pm.

Our “Prompt” Schedule:

First Prompt Starts… 6pm December 29, 2007!

The Marathon Continues with Prompt # 2 beginning at Noon December 30 2007!

Bid Farewell to the writing year of 2007 with Prompt # 3, starting bright and early…
6 am, December 31, 2007.

Begin Writing in 2008 at WV Writer’s Round Table with our final prompt revealed at
Midnight January 1.

1st * 2nd * and 3rd Place Prizes (no, I’m not kidding) will be announced at the conclusion of this event, 6pm January 1, 2007.

The Prompt is still being organized but it’s possible there might be opportunity to practice the following genres: Journaling, Poetry Forms, Short Fiction, Essay.

There might also be inspiration to increase skill in: Dialogue, Imagery, Form, Characters, Plot.

We might discuss: When to ask for support vs. critique; Ways to celebrate “writer’s block”; Setting achievable goals for 2008.

Recognize Your Importance as A Writer/Poet And participate in the WV Writer’s Round Table’s First Annual New Years Writing Prompt Marathon.

Besides— you might create something so dynamic you’ll just have to submit it to
West Virginia Writer’s 2008 Writing Contest.



Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cathy Pleska on the Air

From WV Writers' own Cathy Pleska:

"West Virginia Public Radio aired me reading an essay this morning. Click on the link below and my essay is under Headlines, about the fourth one down (today, anyway). At the end of the paragraph, click on the little speaker. If your computer will play Mp3 files, you should have no problem. I hope :). The title of my essay is Unexpected Harvest. -- Cat"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cynthia Sterling Market News

First up, a couple more Spotlights for the Romance Writers of America national convention in Dallas:

The Spotlight on Samhain Publishing was presented by Executive Editor Angela James and Publisher Chris Brashear Samhain Publishing has been in business for a little over a year. They publish all genres of fiction and romance, primarily as ebooks. Many titles are also released in trade paper. Printed books are distributed by Ingram. Samhain also is partnering with Kensington books to create a line of Samhain titles published by Kensington.

Samhain publishes stories 12,000 words and up. Complete novels should be 60,000 words or more. They are interested in all genres of fiction. Right now they would especially like to expand their interracial, fantasy and inspirational romance offerings. Paranormal and erotic romance continue to do well for them. In paranormal, readers seem to be looking for ‘different’ paranormal -- shape-shifters, angels, demons, etc. In erotica, multiple partners and male-male stories have been popular. Samhain pays a royalty of 40% of the cover price for ebooks. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically. Follow the directions on the website.

In addition to regular submissions, Samhain is currently seeking material for two upcoming anthologies: The Red Hot Summer Romance anthology will feature four erotic romance stories. Deadline to submit is January 10, 2008. The Psychic Powers Anthology will feature four stories of any genre that feature psychic powers. The deadline for those submissions is January 13, 2008. Stories for both these anthologies should be 20,000 - 30,000 words. All the submission information is on the website.

Samhain does some re-releases of books that were previously published by other electronic publishers, but they require that the author publish original material with Samhain first.


The Spotlight on Loose Id Books ( was presented by Chief Financial Officer Doreen DeSalvo, Chief Marketing and Technology Officer Allie McKnight and Editor-in-Chief Treva Harte. Loose Id was founded in February 2004 with its first books released in July of that year. They are primarily an e-book publisher, with select titles released in trade paperback format. They pay a 35% royalty on gross sales.

Loose Id publishes erotic romance and erotica - heterosexual, homosexual and polyamorous. They prefer cross-genre romance — romantic suspense, multi-cultural, and paranormal elements. All stories must be erotic. They love humor in stories. Stories should be 20,000 words and longer. They will consider previously published stories if the author has retained all rights, and if the author agrees to write an original work for Loose Id as well. Complete guidelines are available on the website.


As always, feel free to pass along this newsletter and to encourage others to sign up to receive it. If you reprint or forward the newsletter, all I ask is that I be given credit for it. Anyone can sign up by sending a blank email to

Cindi Myers
Marriage On Her Mind, Harlequin American, Oct. 2007
Wild Child, Harlequin Blaze, Nov. 2007
A Perfect Marriage? #7 in Mediterranean Nights miniseries