Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonus Show 1

Welcome to the first bonus show of the WVW Podcast. The bonus shows will serve as a no-frills, bi-weekly clearing house for quality interview trimmings we were unable to fit into previous episodes.

Up first is last week's interview subject, Granny Sue Holstein. I talk to her about her ongoing blog "Granny Sue's News & Reviews," about how people interested in storytelling can get their feet wet at it, and how her husband once nearly set my face on fire.

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WVW Podcast Bonus Episode 1

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Episode 15: "Granny Sue" Holstein

Welcome to Episode 15, in which we talk to storyteller Susanna "Granny Sue" Holstein. She’s been a featured storytelling performer at events from Bellingham, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts and points in between. She's especially well known, however, for being a West Virginia storyteller, focusing much of her repertoire on WV history, ghost stories, Appalachian tales and ballads.

We speak to her about her origins in the art of storytelling, the fluidity of the artform, the skills required to do it correctly and, of course, we'll hear one of her more famous stories.

You can see Granny Sue for yourself at: the WV Book Festival (October 10-11); at the Patchwork Storytelling Festival in Beckley (October 23-24); at Tygart Lake State Park in Grafton for a program called Scary Stories after Dark (October 24); in Athens, Alabama, at the Storytelling Festival Ghost Stories Concert as a featured teller (October 30); and at Tellabration! WVU Mountaineer Week, Morgantown, WV, (November 14).

And be sure to stick around for the end credits for a special announcement concerning bonus features of this podcast that are in the works and which will debut as soon as next Friday. Plus we'll offer a preview of the next two weeks of podcasts.

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West Virginia Writers Podcast Episode 15

Links mentioned in Podcast:
Granny Sue's News & Reviews
Storyteller Granny Sue: Stories from the Mountains and Beyond
Two Lane Livin' Magazine
WV Storytelling Guild
The Storytell Listserv
Margaret Read McDonald's Storyteller links page

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Monday, August 24, 2009

THIS WEEK: "Granny Sue" Holstein Interview

This Friday we will be speaking to Susanna "Granny Sue" Holstein. "Granny Sue" is a noted storyteller who performs and presents workshops at events from Idaho to Virginia for audiences of both children and adults.

A founding member and past president of the West Virginia Storytelling Guild, Granny Sue an active member of the National Storytelling Network and other local and regional storytelling organizations, including West Virginia Writers.

Stop by and hear both stories from and about her craft this Friday, 8/28.

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