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  • 3/25/07 Added 2007 Summer Conference preregistration material to the Conference Page
  • 2/5/07 Have added the list of Judge Bios for the 2007 Writing Competition.
  • 12/6/06 Have added .pdf versions of the 2007 Spring Writing Competition Entry forms in case the .doc versions do not load properly.
  • 10/12/06 Added the 2007 Spring Writing Competition Entry forms.
  • 8/11/06 Revised the Officers & Staff page to reflect a new regional rep addition and a regional rep deletion.  We are currently seeking a Regional Rep for Region 5 (Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo, Wayne).  Please write Second Vice President Terry McNemar if you are interested in the position or just to learn what's involved.
  • 8/5/06 Added the 2006/2007 WV Writers Brochure to our Documents page.  Members may feel free to print them on blue paper and distribute them in your area.  If you do, please remember to write your name in the REFERRED BY blank, for each new member we receive with a current member's name in the referral blank means $5 credit for the annual conference to that referring member.
  • 4/15/06 Added the 2006 Conference Flyer and the Conference Parental Consent form to both the Documents page and the Conference page.
  • 4/12/06 Added the latest edition of George Lies WVWeNews to the site in an online version. This is eNews for 3/28/06 found at eNews, April 6, 2006.
  • 4/06/06 Added the 2006 Conference Registration form and the Cedar Lakes Meals & Lodging Registration form to the Conference Page.
  • 3/29/06 Added the even EVEN more latest edition of George Lies eNews to the site in an online version. This is eNews for 3/28/06 found at eNews, March 28, 2006.
  • 3/25/06 Added the even more latest edition of George Lies eNews to the site in an online version. This is eNews for 3/24/06 found at eNews, March 24, 2006.
  • 3/21/06 Added the latest edition of George Lies eNews to the site in an online version.  Find it at eNews, March 20, 2006.
  • 3/20/06 We have added a brand new feature to the WV Writers website: the WV Writers Blog.  This weBlog will in many ways take the place of our former News and Events page by providing a forum for the WVWriters staff to keep our membership and any other interested visitors apprised on writing events, contests, workshops and sundry whatnot.  The announcements may be West Virginia or Appalachia related, but sometimes they will be for writing events and contests in other parts of the country.  If you have any announcements you'd like to see posted there, please e-mail the blog administrator.
  • 3/13/06 Just a reminder that Thursday, March 16 is the final day for submissions to the WV Writers Writing contest.  It is not, however, your last chance to enter.  Between March 16 and March 31, submissions will still be accepted but with a $2 late fee per entry.  Get those entries ready and sent!
  • 1/27/06 Have added links for Writer Beware and the Writer Beware blog At Last! to the links page.
  • 12/27/05 Have updated the Documents Page to include both a revised WV Writers 2006 Contest Entry form (the bottom of the form is no longer cut off) and a new WV Writers 2006 Student Writing Contest Entry form.  Both are available in handy .pdf format.
  • 12/27/05  We've added a Writing Classes Around the State page to this website.  This is where members of WV Writers who are teaching classes may have their class listings posted for potential students to find.  Please see that page for more details.
  • 12/19/05  Added Dr. Write to the LINKS page under WV Member Sites.  
  • 12/9/05  Updated the Documents Page to include the WV WRITERS 2006 Writing Contest Entry Form in handy .pdf format.
  • 10/25/05 Updated the Documents Page to include the new WV Writers 2005/2006 Printable Brochure.  Just print it out and distribute in your area.  Unlike last year's brochure, this one is on regular sized 8.5" x 11" paper.
  • 6/27/05  Updated the Writers Groups Around The State page to include the Barbour County Writers Workshop.
  • 6/24/05  Updated the Officers & Staff page to include 2005 slate of officers.
  • 6/24/05  Updated the documents page to include the newly adopted WV Writers, Inc. Constitution.
  • 6/23/05  Added the 2005 Winners list for the Spring Writing Competition. 
  • History previous to this vanished due to a horrible file replacement error.  A valueable lesson about backing up ones data has been learned.